State & local legal aid organization histories

One of our top priorities is collecting histories of state and local legal aid organizations. Sometimes organizations produce excellent histories for a fundraising dinner or major anniversary. Then the publications become hard to find or never reach a broader audience. If your organization’s history is not listed below, we invite you to send us your organization’s history. See this page for details.

Below are the document descriptive title, publication date, state, and brief summary. You can also filter this list.

One-page online timeline of the Minneapolis-bassed organization's history starting in 1913.
Attractive color 12-page PDF with selected accomplishments and milestones.
3-page history of Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky, Inc., known as “AppalReD Legal Aid", which serves eastern and south central Kentucky,
Interactive online 50-year timeline page on CRLA website. Has links to historical documents for deeper research.
Beautifully-designed, 92-page color report with organization's history and annual report toward the end.
Well-written and designed black-and-white 106-page book on the history of the seventh legal aid society formed in the US. Written by a local history professor focused on social justice who knows the city well.
Website that includes a 13 oral histories, 13 individuals named in the Circle of Honor, and a Mileposts timeline of dozens of major cases and other specific achievements starting in 1969.
Incorporated in 1905, it is the fifth-oldest legal aid society in the world. The attached history is an attractive 11-page PDF that includes national context.
Attractive report with many photos, chronology of milestones, and national context. (61-page PDF)