Persons: Judges

Following is a list of persons featured on this website who became judges:

ME, National
LSC board member. Served on Maine Supreme Court 1993-2007. Championed legal services for the poor.
Chief Justice of TX Supreme Court. Championed funding for legal aid.
CA, Intl, National
Senior positions with OEO Legal Services and Neighborhood Legal Services Project in DC. Later on California Court of Appeal.
District Court judge in Austin, TX. Previously with Legal Aid Society of Central Texas in Austin. On Board of TX IOLTA program.
Son of a farmworker. First Latino executive director of CRLA. Served on California Supreme Court.
Started in legal services in Greenville, SC. Became judge. Founder of Piedmont Legal Services. Member of the Spartanburg City Council.
Judge on Colo. Court of Appeals. Previously directed Colorado Coalition of Legal Services Programs, and was with Center on Social Welfare Policy & Law, and Pikes Peak Legal Services.
Directed Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. Later Judge on Mo. Court of Appeals. Then was both the first Jewish and the first legally blind judge on the Mo. Supreme Court.
DC, Intl, National
Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Previously with Neighborhood Legal Services Program and Center for Law and Social Policy.
CA, National
Directed Legal Services of Northern California. State trial judge in Sacramento. President of National Center for State Courts (NSSC).
Associate justice of the California Court of Appeal. Chaired California Access to Justice Commission, and served in many roles with the ABA.

gavel and judge's bench
“Liberty County Courthouse, Liberty, Texas” by Patrick Feller | CC BY 2.0.