Video on civil legal aid

CNEJL and NLADA have cosponsored a 33-minute video from Londen Productions that tells the story of civil legal aid in America. Entitled “Strands of Justice”, it was directed by Ron Londen. Early versions have been screened to selected audiences. The final version is forthcoming soon. read more >>

Oral history videos

CNEJL and NEJL have conducted more than 135 videotaped oral history interviews with the early leaders of federally funded civil legal aid and indigent criminal defense. The interviewees were active primarily during the 1960s through the 1990s. They include access to justice leaders, bar leaders, judges, and others. In each oral history, a person shares their unique journey — how they found and pursued a life’s work dedicated to justice. Together, these oral histories tell the story of a modern movement that built on a rich history, reshaped American society, and improved the lives of millions of Americans.

Most interviews were conducted in spare rooms during national conferences when participants were handy. In the videos, the one camera and microphone stay on the interviewee. The person asking questions remains off camera. The quality of the video and audio varies widely. Many, but not all, of the oral history videos are hosted on the website of the Georgetown University Law Center. That website can be confusing as it transitions between two different archiving systems. A good starting page is here. CNEJL is committed to delivering high quality written transcripts of all of the oral history interviews, including those not posted on the Georgetown Library site. You can see the list of all oral histories.

Photograph collection

At the Georgetown University Law Center, there are still photographs available. More info forthcoming on this later.