AppalReD Legal Aid history timeline (1970-2021)

3-page history of Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky, Inc., known as “AppalReD Legal Aid”, which serves eastern and south central Kentucky,

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Focus organization: AppalReD
Publisher: AppalReD Legal Aid
Date (approx.): Oct 1, 2021
Actual title: "A Brief History of AppalReD Legal Aid"
Collection: Organization histories
Format: Timeline
State: KY
Law type: Civil
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The Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky, Inc., known as “AppalReD Legal Aid,” published a 3-page history timeline in the organization’s October 2021 newsletter.

The full newsletter can be seen here (see pages 9-11 for the timeline).

AppalReD (Appalachian Research and Defense) began in 1970 and had three operating offices in Prestonsburg, Barbourville, and on the campus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington. AppalReD now serves 37 eastern and south central Kentucky counties, and today has six offices throughout the region. In the early days, AppalReD addressed many devastating environmental and coal mine related issues such as black lung disease, abusive land use practices, and disfigured mountain tops caused by strip mining. AppalReD clients still face some of these same challenges, but even more devastating to the region are the socioeconomic challenges which promote instability and threaten to keep the region mired in poverty. John M. Rosenberg was the Director of AppalReD since it first received funding from the Office of Economic Opportunity in 1970. He held the director position for over 28 years before retiring.