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This website features early leaders of federally funded civil legal aid and indigent criminal defense. Many were active primarily during the 1960s through the 1990s. They include access to justice leaders, bar leaders, judges, and others.

This website features about 140 people as of early 2023, mostly people for whom we have oral histories. Additional people will be added.

Main lists

Persons: Short bios — Grand list of all persons in alphabetical order with a bio summary.

Persons: Filter — Interactive list that can be filtered by various criteria.

Oral histories — List of oral histories

Special lists

You can also see the following special lists of people on this website:

American Bar Association (ABA) Leader — President or Committee Chair

ATJ Commission Board/Staff — Board members or staff of an Access to Justice Commission, or the equivalent body in a state.

In Memoriam — Deceased and remembered.

Judges — Persons who became judges.

LSC Board/Staff — Board members or staff of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).

Members of Congress — Persons on this website who were members of the US House of Representatives or US Senate.

NLADA Board/Staff — Board members or staff of the nonprofit organization the National Legal Aid & Indigent Defender Association (NLADA).

OEO Board/Staff — Staff of the Office of Economic Opportunity division of Legal Services (OEO Legal Services), a 1960s predecessor to LSC.

Reggies — Reginald Heber Smith Fellows

SCLAID Board/Staff — Board members or staff of the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defense (SCLAID), which was founded in 1920.