Robert Jenkins, Sr.

Director of Western Carolina Legal Services in Greenville, SC. Previously with Charleston Neighborhood Legal Assistance. One of the first blacks to attend Citadel military academy.

Person details

Where most active professionally: South Carolina
Law type: Civil
Source: CNEJL


From the transcript: Mike, I was born in a small town called McClellanville, South Carolina and that is in Charleston County. I’m the seventh child of a 13 children family, born just after World War II. I basically was raised up in humble beginnings down in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina. I was educated in the public schools of the Lowcountry. Graduated from Burk ultimately went on to a higher education after the military experience, so my education really began after four years in the Air Force when I came out and matriculated at the Citadel in Charleston and then to USC Law School in Columbia, South Carolina.

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