Cruz Reynoso oral history, 2002

Son of a farmworker. First Latino executive director of CRLA. Served on California Supreme Court.

Oral history details

Storyteller: Cruz Reynoso
Interviewer: Houseman, Alan
Date of interview: Aug 12, 2002
Where relates to: California
Topics: OEO Legal Services
Law type: Civil
Collection: NEJL
Georgetown Law Library link (possible video):
Length: 0:56:56

Full text of transcript

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The Honorable Cruz Reynoso discusses his career, the battle between Governor Ronald Reagan and CRLA, the relationship between the CRLA and Cesar Chavez and the struggle to convey that the CRLA was not Cesar Chavez’ law firm. Justice Reynoso also discussed his controversial and political departure from the California Supreme Court.

Persons mentioned: Joseph McCarthy; Governor Pat Brown; Ronald Reagan; Jim Lorenz; Chesar Chavez; Sargent Shriver; Vice President Herbert Humphrey; Gary Bellow; Martin Glick; Bob Gnaizda; Fred Heston; Ralph Aposcal; Jose Padilla; Senator Murphy; Mickey Bennett; Louis Uhler; Ed Meese; Dan Ravineau; Justice Clark; President Richard Nixon; Frank Carlucci; H.R. Haldeman; Justice Williams; Justice Tong; Justice Lee; Justice Cleary; Alan Cranston; Walter Mondale; Tony Anaya; Jerry Brown; Mario Obletto; Anthony Kline

Other subjects mentioned: John Birch Society; The Pentagon Papers.