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Clinton Bamberger -- First Director of the Legal Services Program (LSP) within OEO). Then Executive VP of LSC. Was also President of NLADA. In Memoriam, LSC Board/Staff, NLADA Board/Staff, and OEO Legal Services staff
Jeanne Charn -- Cofounded the Legal Services Institute at Harvard Law School where she was Assistant Dean for Administration of the Clinical Program. Involved in innovative programs.
Alan Houseman -- Senior staff member at LSC, headed its research institute, and oversaw its support centers. Key lobbyist and draftsman in efforts to enact the LSC Act. LSC Board/Staff, NLADA Board/Staff, and Reggie
Earl Johnson, Jr. -- Senior positions with OEO Legal Services and Neighborhood Legal Services Project in DC. Later on California Court of Appeal. ATJ Commission Board/Staff, Judge, LSC Board/Staff, OEO Legal Services staff, and SCLAID Board/Staff
Jerome Shestack -- Helped create the OEO Legal Services program and LSC. President of ABA. President of the International League for Human Rights. ABA Leader, In Memoriam, and SCLAID Board/Staff
Jonathan Stein -- He worked for Community Legal Services in Philadelphia starting in 1968 and served in various positions including General Counsel. He led innovative litigation that won crucial victories at the US Supreme Court for the poor and racial minorities. Reggie
Patricia Wald -- Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Previously with Neighborhood Legal Services Program and Center for Law and Social Policy. In Memoriam and Judge
Michael Zander -- Legal scholar at the LSE and legal correspondent of The Guardian newspaper. Involved in study and development of civil and criminal legal services in the UK, and comparisons with US.

Cases: Federal

Selected key federal cases originating in International.

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